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In the distant past, Ama despises the aliens who rule over Sumeria. They creep through the streets like giant bugs, conduct public executions, and kidnap the city’s children. Ama can't forget the day they took his sister. He will do anything to rescue her, even if that means entering the alien fortress.

In the far-flung future, Ka-la prefers battling it out in an augmented reality game than behaving in the demure way expected of the ruler’s daughter. When Ka-la is named heir, it's the last thing she wants. The new title puts her on a collision course with the mysterious leader of a dangerous organization.

In the present, bookworm Leo is fascinated by an ancient relic's revelations. When thugs steal the relic, Leo must get it back. The relic connects the past to the future and its secrets could be the key to saving the cosmos.


  • 82943 words
  • About 332 pages
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