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Your Dream for Me


A junior in high school, Scarlett Clarke is focused on her future. Between her retail job, standardized practice tests, and rigorous classes, she doesn’t have time for distractions, especially when it comes to boys.

This all changes when she stumbles upon the performance of an intriguing theater student, Nathaniel Wilder, for the first time.

After a chance encounter leads the two to cross paths, Scarlett’s interest becomes piqued by Nathaniel, and she learns, to her astonishment, that her feelings may not be one-sided.

Unfortunately, a series of obstacles will test Scarlett’s and Nathaniel’s resolve, as they fight to explore their relationship. With barriers in their paths, threatening to break them apart, the two will be forced to confront the ultimate question: How far are they willing to go for each other—and at what cost?


  • 74340 words
  • About 297 pages
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