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You Won't See Me Coming


With enemies closing in on all sides, Reagan fights to protect the two people she loves the most.

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After finally taking down Torres, her mother’s merciless killer, Reagan and Luke have two targets on their backs and are forced into hiding. With new names, looks, and cover stories, they’re living quiet, “safe” lives, but revenge comes at a steep price. Reagan’s actions continue to haunt the pair and put the people they love in danger.

When Reagan discovers her best friend Harper is on the verge of being kidnapped, she and Luke defy Black Angel orders and risk blowing their cover to save their friend. After the rescue attempt goes wrong, the three friends must go on the run with an army of assassins hot on their trail and the list of trust-worthy Black Angels getting smaller and smaller. Will they make it out alive? And at what cost?


I look up at him with wounded eyes, missing his hand in mine. Even if it’s all for show. He can feel my eyes on him. I know it. He shoves his hands into the pockets of his heavy coat and stares straight ahead, his face far icier than Vermont’s below freezing temperatures. I thread my rejected fingers through my other hand, filling the space where his palm used to be. I take in a bottomless breath, preparing myself for another evening of tense silence. And I deserve it. I deserve his anger, his borderline-hatred. Because I didn’t just ruin one life. I’ve ruined two. Without consideration. And without his permission.

I lay in bed at night, trying to come up with things to say to him. I run through apologies, scenarios where I beg for his forgiveness. But I have yet to say those words out loud. I’m too afraid of what he’ll say. Because I know what I’ve done is unforgivable.

The Reagan I was before may be fading, evaporating into the air, piece by broken piece. But the beautiful boy I fell for is truly gone.

For good.


You Won't Know I'm Gone:

"Reagan is still an amazing strategist and fighter, but now she is on a knife’s edge with the triviality of high school a distant happy memory . . . The fast-paced sequel ends with another huge cliffhanger that will have fans salivating for the next installment." —School Library Journal

"This sequel to You Don’t Know My Name holds its own, and it is almost more tense than its predecessor. Reagan, reminiscent of Tris Prior and Katniss Everdeen, is a heroine who’s easy to root for." —Booklist

You Don't Know My Name:

"This is my ideal sort of book, full of tension, action, romance, family issues, and a girl struggling to figure out her identity. Kristen Orlando has created a kickass character—literally!—I was won over instantly. I can't wait for the sequel!" —Sara Shepard, #1 New York Times-bestselling author of The Pretty Little Liars series

"This​ ​one’s a page-turner, and the unexpectedly catastrophic conclusion—and lingering promise of sweet​ ​revenge—suggests Orlando, much like Reagan, is just getting started." —Booklist

"Teens who enjoy a little romance and the contrast of normal life that serves to heighten the dream of a teen operative masterfully battling a clearly defined evil will relish Reagan as an impressively powerful heroine. The heartbreaking finale will leave them anxious for a sequel." —VOYA

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