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You Belong With Me


Becky’s best friend kills himself without leaving a note. No call. Not even a farewell text. Yet as memories of that night emerge from her subconscious, she suspects she had something to do with his death.

To top it off, envy-induced powers Becky hasn’t experienced in ten years resurface. She unwittingly summons rats to rip out someone's hair and blows out ten cars' tires in the school parking lot. Lab partner Josh tries to help, but Becky shoves him off until stupid fate forces her to attend a study session at his church. There, an art print of the seven deadly sins unleashes intense flashbacks from the night of Mookie’s death that haunt her—day and night.

She lets Josh in and they try to unravel the mystery behind Mookie’s death. And she discovers that sometimes even the deadliest of sins can transform into her strongest virtue.


  • 68518 words
  • About 274 pages
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