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Within Ash and Stardust


An ordinary human girl turned alien princess finally chooses her own destiny in this epic adventure.

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On Earth, Delaney is a normal teenager who recently graduated high school with a fantastic best friend and a loving boyfriend.

But Delaney isn’t on Earth. She’s on Xenith, a war-torn planet half a galaxy away. Originally mistaken for an alien princess, Delaney has gone from kidnapped imposter to the recognized heir to an alien throne. Oh, and she’s engaged to the prince of an enemy nation whose ruthless father is on the warpath.

Torn between two planets, two fates, and two loves, Delaney is finally ready to choose her own destiny in this stunningly epic conclusion to Chani Lynn Feener’s Xenith Trilogy.


“If you mean what you say, and you truly want peace, this is the only way to get it.” Tilda smiled, but there was no mirth in it. “Or I suppose you could shoot me after all. Unless you agree, I won’t help you, and without me, you stand no chance of stopping the Rex. You and I both know once he’s conquered my planet, he’ll come for yours next, Miss Grace.”

Part of her was wondering how the hell she’d ended up right where she started, the other half, however, wasn’t as surprised. Somewhere deep down, she’d sort of known something like this happening was a possibility. No one walked away from a deal with the royals completely free.

Or, in her case it seemed, free at all. If she agreed.

That was the one clear difference this time around. Tilda wasn’t going to force her, and the Zane had remained surprisingly silent after his one attempt. Whether or not he’d try and force her hand later was yet to be seen, but for now, in this moment, the choice was entirely up to Delaney.


The Xenith Trilogy:

"A thoughtful, sexy adventure with winning characters just begging for a bedtime read." —VOYA on Amid Stars and Darkness

"Feener’s world-building is excellent, and readers will feel engulfed in the culture, politics, and technology. The romance between Delaney and Ruckus develops slowly and satisfyingly. Give to fans of Melissa Landers’s Alienated and Ally Condie’s Matched." —School Library Journal on Amid Stars and Darkness

"[A] pulse-pounding adventure." —Booklist on Between Frost and Fury

"The cliff-hanger ending will keep fans anxiously anticipating the trilogy’s conclusion. Those who devoured the first book will be excited to continue adventures on Xenith." —School Library Journal on Between Frost and Fury

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