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When You Noticed Me


Emelia is having a bad week. She manages to crash her family’s car on her first time out driving by backing it into the garage (Does it count as driving if you never left the driveway?) & now has to pay to repair it. Stripped of her phone and forced to work Emelia is convinced that her ordinary, boring life has gotten worse. Expecting her job to be boring, & it is, she finds that Garrett works there as well. Good looking, funny, & wonderful Garrett. For the first time she has a new friend outside her usual clique and it’s a guy; a really hot guy who makes her palms sweat. The problem is that he is always going from girl to girl. He seems to be into Emelia but she is never really sure if they are just flirting or maybe something more. Are Emelia and Garrett meant to be or just another name on a list of girls that have kissed Garrett Forte?


  • 91244 words
  • About 365 pages
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