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Seventeen-year-old Ryan Fisher wants nothing more than to plan her future as a marine biologist, but her overbearing parents insist on a medical degree. And now that she’s had a run-in with the law, she can kiss her freedom goodbye.
The arrest is only the crest of a tidal wave for Ryan that began with a life-altering heart surgery, something she’s kept secret from everyone outside her family. And the lies keep piling up, including her new job at the Marine Life Center. It’s here that Ryan runs into her ex-best friend, Grayson, the boy who left town without a goodbye.
But one by one, the lies come crashing down, drowning Ryan in their wake. When a hurricane barrels toward the coast, threatening the center, and the only people who see the real her, she has to find the strength to tell the truth in order to save what’s most important.


  • 64383 words
  • About 258 pages
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