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When I Bury You


Following a string of vicious attacks in the sleepy town of Pendle, reclusive, young hunter, Max is given a simple taskā€”gain the trust of a teenage werewolf, Noah. His pack are likely culprits but sniffing out the rest of them seems impossible, and with a rogue wolf on the loose, the body count is continuing to grow.

Max begins a game of sabotage. Under the guise of dating Noah, he begins to uncover pack secrets, and come close to discovering the whereabouts of Noah's wanted alpha. Yet, as Max delves deeper into his "mission," it becomes increasingly difficult for Max to justify the torment he's going to cause for Noah. But lives are at stake. Besides, what might Max's hunting ring do to him if he backs out now? What might they do to Noah?


  • 72697 words
  • About 291 pages
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