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What She Desires


Seventeen-year-old Jane Morrison is obsessed with the male love interest in a cheesy romance novel. Carter Blaine is cool, attractive, romantic—and much to Jane’s disappointment, fictional…until his exact description shows up on her doorstep.

When the boy introduces himself as Carter Blaine, Jane thinks it’s a prank orchestrated by one of the mean girls at school. But when everyone else is just as surprised to see her with the hottest new guy in town, Jane goes along with it.

It isn’t long until she finds something wrong with Carter—other than the fact that he shouldn’t exist. He’s controlling, demanding, and aggressive. He doesn’t need to sleep or eat and he can’t feel pain. When he starts stalking her and killing her enemies, she decides to find out why he’s here—but the truth might be more sinister than she realizes…


  • 84731 words
  • About 339 pages
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