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What He Hides


Lauren's long-time crush has finally noticed her. Unfortunately it's because her mom is prosecuting the biggest murder trial of her career, and *his* mom is the defendant.

Bowie is sure his mother isn’t guilty of shooting his father, but he can’t figure out why she lied about the details of that night. Maybe she had a good reason. Hell, he lied about it, too. He's devastated by the loss of his dad and determined to keep his mom out of prison, and he believes Lauren may be the key.
Lauren wants to believe in Bowie, but like everyone in their small Southern town, she wonders how much he knows about what happened the night his father died. And whether he was somehow involved. If she risks helping helping Bowie, she might be able to prove his mother’s innocence and finally win his heart. But in the process, she could lose much more.


  • 72831 words
  • About 291 pages
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