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I call it the echo.

The empty space inside my chest where she is supposed to be. It’s itchy. Sometimes I can feel it scratching away at my insides, making the hole bigger. One day it will consume me and I will be the echo. Some days I wonder if I already am.
In her town of Glasshaven, Shiloh is an outsider. Until the day two strangers show up and reveal to her that she is a Nephilim, and that there is an army of Archangels and Fallen out to kill her and her kind. Not exactly the seventeenth birthday she had planned.

In this first book, Shiloh and her friends embark on a quest to find the truth about who she is. Along the way, they uncover sinister secrets about Glasshaven involving an ancient veil that is breaking and a gate that if passed through could lead to the destruction of everything Shiloh holds dear.


  • 52996 words
  • About 212 pages
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