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Undercover Fangirl


During high school I was certainly not a nerd because I kept my secret to myself. Only at home would I gorge myself in reading books while thinking of books I could write myself. My room was like a fandom threw up in it. Posters from my beloved books lined my walls. I even had a fan account of Twitter dedicated to all my favorite books. Who I really was not was the shy girl in the back of the class. I was an undercover fangirl. Caps lock was my best friend.

Now I am in college,and my favorite authors hires me to become her part time assistant. Only it isn't how I dreamed it and the secret of my blog and fan account is slowly being leaked. Thankfully Luc Mathews is the only one who understands how horrible all of this is for me. He is also the one that I am falling madly in love with.


  • 64732 words
  • About 259 pages
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