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Twisted Metal Hearts


Dana Mai is not a good person.

She was five when she ruthlessly murdered her mother. To save his daughter from the darkest parts of herself, her scientist father invented a robot clone as a prison for the evil in Dana’s soul—a revolutionary copysoul kept hidden away in his laboratory. But when the copysoul escapes 24 hours later and goes on a murderous rampage, it’s Dana that everybody’s after.

With no proof that her copysoul exists, Dana is exiled to a prison ship at the edge of the solar system. It could be worse—she could be dead. But when alien assassin Xaras breaks in, seeking revenge for the death of his sister, Dana strikes a tenuous bargain, desperate to stay alive: She’ll help Xaras find her copysoul and avenge his sister’s murder in exchange for her freedom. If she doesn’t succeed, it's her head he will happily collect.


  • 80052 words
  • About 320 pages
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