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In the deepest parts of the jungle live the original people of Earth. Their history leads back to the advent of man. Their religion and culture remains untouched by the outside world. They believe in things that no outsider could possibly believe. When signs of imbalance are seen in the forest, they perform an ancient rite. Their shaman carries out the ritual to the best of his ability but something terrible happens. He is bitten by a snake. Another sign that nature is out of balance. Now he must perform a sacrifice to please their gods and nature.
The shaman attempts to sacrifice a girl but the snake bite has weakened him. The man dies and the ritual fails. Leaving his daughter as the only member of the tribe able to perform the rite. She refuses and runs away. The gods remain angry.
Now she must survive in a land of fire and death.


  • 59904 words
  • About 240 pages
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