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Tree Stump FoodLover77Penguin


Meet Roxie and Melvin two young people on a treasure hunt.
What will happen on this treasure hunt full of mystery and love?
Where will the map lead them to?

Author's Note:
Hi, everyone!
Thank you so much for clicking on this book.
It is not a full story, nor is it a short story.
It is just a once shot I did for something and I wanted to post it on here so I could get the "you shared badge or you've put pen to paper badge". Plus I also want to feel more comfortable with my writing and I feel that by sharing a small portion of my writing will help me as a writer in the long run.
Yes I know it does not fit the manuscript requirements and I don't feel comfortable enough quite yet to post a full written manuscript.
It is just a one shot.
Thank you and have a great day/night!


  • 1850 words
  • About 7 pages
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1 comment on "Tree Stump"

FoodLover77Penguin on Feb. 17, 2017, 5:09 p.m. said:


The ending is finally there!!
You can read it in its entirety now!

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