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Torments & Trepidations - Part Two of The Verity Dashwood Misadventures Florien St John


Part Two. It’s been a busy few days for Verity. Having successfully arrived in New Bristol, set new flames burning with her old love Sebastian and upset Darius, a new adversary, Verity makes friends with Charlotte Fairweather. They are both set for adventure. The Industrialists and The Ministry are yet to meet – Verity must find out who the mysterious third party is and how this meeting may impact The Royalists and possibly the rest of the world. Verity must face her sister, there is no putting that off and with any luck her first mission, to the Moon no less, will end in success. Or will it? Can Sebastian see the truth for what it is? Will Verity's Belt of Intricate Curiosities come in handy? Can she hit a moving target with her Peruvian Blowpipe at 20 paces? Can she negotiate a deal that will keep everyone happy?


  • 64367 words
  • About 257 pages
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