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This Is For Tonight


When Andi finds herself competing with a boy she can’t stand, her weekend takes an unexpected turn.

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    6 (19 ratings)

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Andi Kennedy knows the best cure for her breakup is a weekend at a music festival with her twin brother. Nothing gets her mind right like great bands, footage for her popular YouTube channel, and cute boys-including the charming guy in the next campsite.

But the daylight reveals the guy is Jay Bankar, popular YouTube prankster. Andi can’t stand Jay, but when she enters a contest to win an interview with the headlining band, he’s her biggest competition.

The interview will be huge for Andi's channel, and she'll do whatever it takes to win. But as she and Jay go head-to-head, Andi discovers there's more to him than his jerky on-screen persona. Soon she must decide what's more important-winning, or giving a second chance to a guy who couldn’t be more wrong for her.


I grab my phone off the portable charger, where I left it while I went to early morning festival yoga and the shower, and it managed to get a little bit of charge. While I sip on the iced coffee, I open up my camera roll to show Jordan the pic of me and the dude from last night.

And that’s when my world comes crashing down around me.

The guy. I recognize him.

The guy from across the way is Jay Bankar.

I know Jay Bankar. And I absolutely hate him.

My stomach bottoms out and I lower myself to the ground.

“Jay Bankar,” I mumble.

“What?” Jordan is starting the cooking on our camp stove, but he turns around to see what I’m doing. “Why are you flopped on the floor? Get up.”

“Jay Bankar,” I say, louder this time.

“Ew. What about him? Is he here?” Jordan knows how much I hate Jay Bankar. He’s heard so many of my Jay Bankar rants he can practically recite them himself.

“Jay Bankar is the guy.”

“What guy.”

“The tent guy. The guy from last night.”

Before I have a chance to process any of this, a head pokes around the opening of our campsite.

“Does last night’s bacon offer still stand?”

And now, in the light of day, with a clear head, it’s so, so obvious. I’ve seen that face, the smooth, dark skin, the wide, white smile, the messy black hair, so many times online, I’m shocked I didn’t recognize it immediately. And his voice. His voice practically triggers my vomit reflex when I hear it on my computer. How did I have such a long conversation without barfing?

I know why. It was partially because he was completely out of context, like seeing your math teacher at a house party or something, but even more than that it was because he was actually nice. Jay Bankar is many things, but nice has never, ever been one of them.



“I loved this book! The characters are awesome, like great friends I want to keep reading over and over! I highly recommend this one!” —Shana Silver, author of Mind Games

“Loved this book from beginning to end! So fun and romantic, with awesome characters that feel real and a great setting. Definitely recommend this one!” —Elizabeth Briggs, Swoon Reader

“What a fun story! I really enjoyed reading this. It was the perfect combination of cute and serious, making the story fun and deep without being heavy….[For fans of] The Only Thing Worse than Me Is You, Audrey Wait, [and] Amy and Roger's Epic Detour.” —Pickle Heart Books, Swoon Reader