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This is Not a Tragedy


Natsu just wants to live a life where his mentally ill mother is stable and he can feel like a normal teenager. But after over a decade of moving homes and even countries, he's buried any desires. In order to not lose any more family, he follows her rules as an impassive loner. But when his 18th year rolls around, Natsu meets an intriguing boy at school and decides to break some rules. Emotion, he learns, still stirs within him.

But his courage sets off a domino effect of pain and loss. Natsu’s grieving is cut short when his new guardian whisks him to London and reveals the secret of a lifetime. Natsu discovers that he can never be a normal teen. After all, he's not even human. It’s a long road to learning how to live and what to live for—especially when the ghosts of your past linger and love itself can turn deadly.


  • 85755 words
  • About 343 pages
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