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This Dark and Gilded Cage


For two hundred years, Bellamy Dampierre has been trapped as a statue, cursed by a witch for refusing her love. As the second centennial of his disappearance approaches, the one-time prince fears all hope of freedom is gone—until an unsuspecting tourist releases him from his prison, offering a future he thought was lost.

But when the girl who set him free is cursed in his place, Bellamy’s newfound liberation is threatened. His uncertain fate is further thrust into chaos when the vengeful witch from his past returns, determined to lay her claim to his heart.

Caught in a tangle of magic and lies, Bellamy must make a choice: save the girl by giving in to the unrequited affections of his captor…

Or refuse and doom them both.


  • 85352 words
  • About 341 pages
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