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There Was a Moment


Gwendolyn Jacobs grew up isolated. An only child, living with her single dad, Gwen was bullied throughout elementary school. When she starts her freshman year at Seaside High she becomes fast friends with, the equally troubled, Ariana Salazar. Ari introduces Gwen to her world of parties and boys, but Gwen is less than enthusiastic about the constant string of random set ups. Clinging to her newly developed self confidence, Gwen is unprepared for the instant connection she feels for Trenton Munro when he transfers to Seaside her junior year. Trenton becomes a fixture in Gwen's life but not in the way she wants. Set in the late 90s, Gwen and Ari traverse junior and senior year at Seaside. Ari attempts to steer Gwen clear of certain heartbreak as she falls deeper in love with the, seemingly, uninterested Trenton © 2019 Anna Rose


  • 52098 words
  • About 208 pages
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