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The X's and O's


Jayme McAdams is defined by his nickname, Beast. On the football field, he's unstoppable. When it comes to girls and asking Maybel Summers to be his homecoming princess?

Not so much.

Maybel's aunt wants her to branch out in the small town of Lucky Glen. But branching out turns into a ploy to steal roses from Mrs. McAdam's garden. To get tickets to the literary event of the year, she agrees.

Maybel doesn’t anticipate she’ll get caught before the plan can unfold; and Jayme never thought the girl he’s been dreaming about for weeks would run faster than the quarterback right into his backyard--with her arms full of roses. The ultimatum slips from his lips: be his homecoming princess, or he’ll call the police. Maybel’s entered in one of the most cutthroat competitions--and she doesn’t even want the crown. But she might win the boy.


  • 78502 words
  • About 314 pages
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