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The Wingman


Brendon gets dumped by his girlfriend of over a year which sends him into a pathetic downward spiral of alcohol and Twinkies. On a sunny afternoon while on a quest for more booze and snack cakes, fate intervenes. His ex-girlfriend Sarah just happens to be walking down the same piece of sidewalk as he is. Brendon notices her first and panics.

Enter Mal who wants nothing more than to enjoy her book while eating lunch at a nice little bistro.

To avoid an encounter with Sarah, Brendon unwittingly sits down at Mal's table, not noticing her until he's already taken a bite of her sandwich. It all goes downhill after that, as Mal watches the most awkward encounter between Brendon and his ex. She ends up deciding to help Brendon out of his current funk. Mal offers to be his wingman.


  • 58056 words
  • About 232 pages
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