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The Water's Surface


Jamie, a 15-year-old artist and overachiever, has a crush on his friend Conner. He's sworn to ignore his feelings and get past it but when Jamie's other friend, Justin, finds his sketchbook of lovey-dovey doodles, the chemistry of the trio goes awry. Upset by Justin's bad reaction, Jamie finds solace by hiding under the water in his bathtub. After waking up in the hospital, Jamie is made to attend group therapy where he meets a new friend he can confide in. Jamie begins to open up about his art and confront the slightly scary aspect of coming out, all while trying to understand Justin's weird behavior. Through angst and misunderstandings, these friends learn more about each other and what it's like to be in love in high school.


  • 45089 words
  • About 180 pages
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