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When sixteen-year-old Benjamin McGill is shipped off to Maine to stay with his grandmother for the summer, it’s not a vacation—it’s a punishment. Ben’s bored out of his mind—until he finds a letter from an admirer with promises of a treasure hunt.

Ben follows clues to a cafe where he befriends Mitch, a long-haired metal head, and Jennifer, a chain-smoking extrovert. When Jennifer learns about the treasure hunt and invites Mitch and herself along, Ben’s summer quickly picks up, like a heavy guitar solo in the middle of a power ballad.

But when Ben starts making metal playlists on Spotify and daydreaming about Mitch's long hair and stubbly jaw, he realizes he wants to be more than friends. Now Ben must decide if he should risk everything and tell Mitch how he feels, or play it safe and continue the games with his secret admirer.


  • 70042 words
  • About 280 pages
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