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The Things Our Parents Left Us


Ramona "Mona" Gray only wanted to catch a big fish. Instead she caught a boy the same height as herself. Adam Fink was trying to catch a girl to take home to his grandpa that only wanted him to fall in love... With anyone, he didn't care as long as Adam was happy like his parents had been when they had met.

Ramona didn't want a boy to bring home to her mom. Her sister already had a man lined up for the both of them, and neither of those boys was Adam. Still, with matching plaid button ups it was clear that these two would get along... Well mostly, Adam wasn't too keen when she pushed him off the dock. And Ramona wasn't too happy to jump in after him to save him when he could have easily stood up in the water.


  • 51575 words
  • About 206 pages
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