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The Surge


The day she graduates high school, Hazel is in a terrible car accident and dies- but only for a minute, before she is revived. She wakes up paralyzed by the voices she can suddenly hear screaming at her from inside her head. Worried that she may be suffering from PTSD, a psychiatrist releases her on the condition that she attend a peer counselling group for youth and a prescription that should help quiet the voices. In group, she meets other people like her- Surgers. They have all lived through the brain Surge that occurs moments before you die. Now, they have a connection to the Surge that allows them to hear others as they pass through the Surge themselves. Hazel needs to learn to use her new abilities to save as many people as possible. But there are some Reapers in town with more sinister intentions- and they want Hazel on their team.


  • 65574 words
  • About 262 pages
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