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The Sunset Society


Owen Luke always wanted to be a writer but found it an impossible task because of his lack of all emotions and complete apathy for anyone. He is but a robot, devoid of all emotions. So, he doesn't even flinch to pretend to be C.J. Light (a prodigy writer) in school in exchange to learn how to feel alive and write. But there is a catch, he must fall in love in order to feel alive.
Molly Hunter is that person who gets replaced by everyone after some time. Due to that, she has no real friends. So, she buries herself in her books and pretends to hate society. But in the process of alienating herself from everyone, she falls in love with a certain writer’s writing who is rumoured to be in the same high school she is joining. His name, C.J. Light...

A story set from revolving perspectives, it's a tale of love, life, writing and sunsets...


  • 77208 words
  • About 309 pages
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