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The Struggles of a Royal Teenager


Princess Marietta Congliaro has everything anyone would want. The second born child of seven, she has been in her brother's shadow for as long as she can remember. Being a forgotten royal sucks, especially when her family only wants her when they need something, such as the fact she is coming of age. They want to begin securing her future, something Marietta rejects, but she doesn't have much say in the matter.

A suitor is found for her and she is sent to spend a summer with him. His name is Prince Ike, a mysterious charming man with a dark side. She falls victim to that dark side and is left with a terrible choice for her kingdom: face the death of a loved one or leave the kingdom in exile. One choice leads to another and suddenly Marietta is just trying to survive in a world away from everyone.


  • 71032 words
  • About 284 pages
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