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The Soldier


Crime is business. James Alder works for his father's underground company, skimming money from all criminals in the area.
By day he goes to school like any other teenager.
When James is ordered to meet a man named Michael and then to integrate himself in the group of teenagers following him, he accepts. Only then does James discover his life as a Deos soldier was to prepare him for this one vital mission.

James finds himself shoved past the veil of reality and into a world centred around the supernatural. Angels and Daemons have been fighting since time began, but now humans are forced to get involved or else become daemon puppets.

Michael leads seven teenagers called The Guardians, who were all given the ability from birth to fight for humankind.

All James has to do is make them believe he is one of them.


  • 91790 words
  • About 367 pages
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