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The Shadows That Bind Us


After a party turns into a battle between good vs. evil, Bexley discovers her friends and family are all part of a secret organization spanning back hundreds of years, rightfully called Dream Keepers. She must now learn her place in this new, and dangerous, world of dreams because the Shadows, a dastardly group of ex-Keepers, are hell-bent on one thing: bringing back their fallen leader and taking over the world that shunned them.

When strange dreams turn into daytime visions, Bexley and her fellow team of Keepers must learn what is happening to their crumbling world as things continue to spiral. Shadows are growing in numbers, Bexley’s dreams warn of a terrible future, and there is a traitor in their midst that will stop at nothing to help the Shadows rise to power.


  • 82537 words
  • About 330 pages
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