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The Road to Fame


It is the summer before College and Lydia Sweet has a big decision to make. Will she go to College like her Parents expect her to or try to achieve her dream of being a Singer? Lydia has just been accepted to her Father's College to become a Lawyer just like her Dad. All Lydia wants to be is a famous singer, not a Lawyer.

Her best friend Josiah has a plan to runaway with Lydia and their friends to Manhattan during their High School graduation ceremony. They believe if they can escape Brooklyn and become famous in the City, then they can achieve fame. Her friends decide to create a documentary film called The Road To Fame starring Lydia. Lydia is also hiding a big secret from her best friend for over a year. If Josiah finds out her secret, it might forever ruin their friendship and possibly ruin the chances of the film being made.


  • 45251 words
  • About 181 pages
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