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Like every other girl, Isa is auctioned off as a slave on her sixteenth birthday. Her new master, the unstable General Flinch, is the epitome of evil. When she accidentally burns his house to the ground, the only way she can save herself from execution is a swift escape into the sewers.

There's no place to hide for a female on the run. Which is why she has to stop being Isa, and pose as her dead brother, Iden, seeking sanctuary amongst a group of rebels. Even while hiding who she is, Isa finally feels she has a real purpose and a connection with those around her-especially the gorgeous and kind rebel leader, Roan.

But a traitor lies in wait within the group, and that could mean the downfall of everything the rebels have fought for. Can she help weed out the threat, maintain her secret identity, and avoid being returned to servitude?


  • 71273 words
  • About 285 pages
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