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The Other You


Never Let Me Go meets These Broken Stars in this thrilling science fiction adventure.

When Gia opens her eyes she finds herself in a world she doesn’t know. She’s in a tiny metal room, out in space. But this world knows her. At least the spaceship’s AI does. Gia wants answers but she’s not alone to search for them for very long. A handsome stranger named Wren seems to know her just as well as the ship’s AI does. But when Gia explains that she doesn’t know who he is, or where she is, his bubble of familiarity is burst.

“You’ve woken up,” Wren tells her.

Before Gia can press for more answers she’s thrust in to a break neck chase as part of a race she didn’t even know she was running.


  • 40381 words
  • About 162 pages
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