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The Orange Tree


As a human raised in a clan of ogres, Juniper knows her place. Yet she longs to be something more than a weak youngling who does chores and picks oranges in Mother Bila’s enchanted grove.

One day Juniper is finally allowed to take a wagon to gather the humans’ livestock tribute, which keeps the ogres from plundering the human lands. There she meets a human male named Nolan. When he recklessly follows her onto ogre lands, he’s pursued by a fierce ogre. Juniper hides Nolan in a secret cave so he won’t be devoured.

Every day, they scheme to get him home. Magic could help, if she could convince Bila to let her borrow the wand of transformation. Torn between her growing attraction to Nolan and clan loyalty, Juniper races to free him before the peace pact between ogres and humans is broken and the slaughter of human villagers begin.


  • 78972 words
  • About 316 pages
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