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The Nameless Fear


The story follows a girl named Wendolyn who discovers that all of her magical ancestors are living within her, and she learns to wield their supernatural powers. But as Wendolyn's true identity is revealed, an ancient evil being named Waldron kidnaps her, intent on using Wendolyn's powers to destroy mankind. Meanwhile, Richard the Lionheart -- Wendolyn's fated lover -- sets out to find Wendolyn; and he's joined by erstwhile knight Ivanhoe, lovable rogue Loxley, a giant spaniard named El Cid, and the Blind Shen, a warrior maiden from the Far East. Our central characters must journey through the Eternal Forest, where they meet elfin creatures (Truscans) who live within the mythical Tree of Ten Thousand Roots; and then across the barren Cloudlands, where they will find Waldron's home on the Island of Forgotten Souls.


  • 123948 words
  • About 496 pages
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