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The Melting Crown


Cel’s father, tyrant-king of Astalia, is the founder of Candle Magic, a rare power no one else understands. Cel thinks the world of him, but she’s eager to rise from his shadow.

Until he is murdered.

Forced into hiding, Cel is stricken with the knowledge that she will never see him again. When she receives his belated letter encouraging her to take revenge, she sheds her shroud of grief for a cloak of fury.

Now, she must traverse the borderlands in secret, forming alliances and dredging up her father’s darkest secrets, all while the events of the past thunder through her mind, a blood-soaked tapestry depicting her father’s fall.

But against the strength and resources of the new royal family, she has one great advantage—Cel, like her father, is a Candle Mage, and if she can’t take back the throne, she'll burn it to the ground.


  • 89762 words
  • About 359 pages
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