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The Lone and Level Sands


They say a man dies twice; once when his soul leaves his body, and a second time when his name is uttered for the last time. In an ancient world not so different from Earth, Tarlos is the prince of Kesh, next to be king. He is also a Holder - one person per generation bestowed a single power of the gods. His twin brother, Krastos, was born half-god with enormous strength. After Krastos is killed avenging their mother's death, Tarlos is left scarred by the death that surrounds him. Tarlos vows to never taste death, and sets off to the legendary Ageless Country, where the secret to his immortality may await him. First though, he must travel through the dead country. Once there, Tarlos meets people from places he has never heard of, there are more worlds than his own, and that gaining immortality will be more complicated than he thought.


  • 69838 words
  • About 279 pages
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