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The King's Questioner


A mental picklock bands together with a prince to find a missing princess.

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Kalen has been blessed with a gift. He's a mental picklock, employed by the king to uncover the secrets held in the minds of criminals. When the king's son, Cirrus, falls into a coma, the king enlists Kalen's help to dive into the prince's mind. Kalen discovers a heavily locked secret, one hidden even from the prince himself. Cirrus has a sister, banished at birth because of her own magical abilities, an act which sets a prophecy in motion.

Kalen and Cirrus team up with Kalen's friend Luna to find the princess. The travel is precarious, and they quickly learn that rescuing Reign is only the first of their problems ... siphoned magick, a hidden enemy, and a reluctant princess ... to name a few. A battle of wits, willpower, and magick will be fought across multiple kingdoms—and its very outcome will determine the kingdom's fate.


He walked down the avenues, twisting back and around at seemingly random intervals. A spy himself, Kalen knew the king employed many others. This was how he always traversed the town, but especially on an occasion such as this.

Kalen wasn’t exactly on a royalty sanctioned task.

An alleyway opened to the right and Kalen turned abruptly. He kept to the shadows, even though it would have been cleaner to avoid the refuse collecting at the edge of the curb. He approached the property at the end of the street and let himself in the side yard. The roof hung heavy, as if collapsing under the weight of the ink splashed sky above. Shingles lay askew, some even missing. Grass grew, long and browning, in clumps around the yard.

At the door, Kalen paused. His head cocked to the side and he listened for movement within while gloved fingers unconsciously gripped the key that hung around his neck. Small, but heavy, the bow was brass inlaid with gears that wound and ticked like a clock. It was a pulse to keep his own steady.

The door held no lock, like most in the city, so he twisted the handle and eased indoors.

His eyes adjusted quickly and he scooted past a kitchen table toward the corner. He kicked a chair over toward the window and settled in to wait.

The moon crept up the sky, its light inching across the floor toward his feet. After what seemed like forever but had probably been less than an hour, heavy footsteps walked down the street toward the house.

The door swung open and someone stepped inside. A sigh and a shuffle. Fingers twisting at an oil lamp. A soft glow emanated across the length of the room, followed by a sharp intake of breath.

“What’re you doing here?”



The Midnight Dance:

"A dark adventure, stunningly written!" —Jay Asher, author of #1 New York Times bestseller Thirteen Reasons Why

"Deliciously dark and twisty, taking you on a luscious ride." —Suzanne Lazear, author of the Aether Chronicles series

“This is such a fun, well written twisted story… The writing is superb. I love the premise and the Gothic feel to it.” —Angie Taylor, Swoon Reader

“So imaginative and unique! This was a joy to read.” —Anna S., Swoon Reader