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The Kandinsky Spy


Rebecca Miller is content working her demanding job at the Hirshhorn Art Museum and spending time with the enigmatic professor Julian Graves, but a brush with the past sends her on an epic journey that takes her across time and space. Catapulted into 1940's Paris with a new identity, Rebecca befriends a high-ranking Nazi party member. Their strange relationship places her in the midst of artists, writers, and politicians, at the beginning of one of the deadliest wars of our time. Sent with the goal of deciphering a complex code, she must straddle the line between 1997 and 1940, between her borrowed life and her real one. In the end, the lines between who she can trust and who she can't begin to blur as she delves deeper into 1940.


  • 78634 words
  • About 315 pages
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