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The Incredible Lives of Count William de Mall


In a Dutch scientific lab a computer software programme is created, with the help of which the specialists in the area of hypnosis can unveil the secrets of the human soul. On the monitors one can see, like on a human hand, everything that a couple volunteers have gone through when they decided to be engaged in research, even accepting to risk their own lives. The author consecutively goes in details of the reincarnation andthe existence of the couple from the distant past to nowadays. From boa and anaconda during the early period of reincarnation, through their lives as Dutch Graf and dazzling beauty, saving the former Netherlands from the plague of "the flying bats", through the difficult period in the dawn of America as a hired assassin and a charming prostitute, to the high-rank posts in the Great Reich of the fuehrer Hitler.


  • 63907 words
  • About 256 pages
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