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The Hero’s Revenge (In Love with the Protagonist Vol 2)


Amber knows Karl will never fight back when she forces him to jump off the Infinite Abyss. She also knows that she will never forget the hopelessness in Karl’s eyes as he fell.
Trapped in the magic book, Amber tries every means to get back to her own world, before Karl returns from the Infinite Abyss five years later and takes revenge on her.
But Karl happens to return two years earlier than Amber has expected, and there is a drastic change in his personality and temperament, something dangerous and malicious.
Why is the novel’s plot no longer accurate?
And just how dangerous will his revenge be?

“Master, you’re so forgetful. You pushed me down the abyss, don’t you remember?”


  • 43837 words
  • About 175 pages
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