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The Heirloom Part I


A story like the godfather but it gets better, it’s all true. The pathos of the deadly trinity of hate, greed, corruption and an Italian family that rose from humble beginnings of a used car lot, started by my grandfather, to the second Nissan dealership ever in the USA. It all started on Gates ave and JFK Blvd, formerly Hudson blvd, a very busy intersection with plenty of traffic. There was a house situation on the corner and directly adjacent to the house was the car lot, named Ricks Auto Sales. It’s the story of the American Dream, a dream that my grandfather had made a reality only to be strangled and crushed at the hands of his own son, my uncle, Anthony Riccio. What became of this ugly man and why would he sell out the family business for measly chump change, an incredible story, all true


  • 81676 words
  • About 327 pages
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