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The Heart of Wonderland


After Alison Clarke survives the terrible accident that killed her parents, she begins to see things she knows can't be real. At first, she fears she might be losing her mind, but she soon uncovers a family secret that leads her to believe her parents' death was no accident after all. Alison is the last surviving member of a long line of Keepers, tasked with protecting a magical gem that keeps her world safe from the rogue magic of Wonderland.

When the gem goes missing, it's up to Alison to find it before the boundaries between worlds collapse. To save the inhabitants of both worlds from total chaos, Alison must team up with Maddox, a mysterious boy who seeks the gem for his own reasons, and overcome her own grief, self-doubt, and fear.


  • 54430 words
  • About 218 pages
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