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The Haunted Mirror


When Ron, a teenaged boy of an unusual hobby of ghost hunting, lost the debate and forced to visit a historical town, Murshidabad, India, to spend the vacation, he was not very happy, for he wanted to take his friends to a haunted house. But soon, at Murshidabad, when he met an octogenarian antique collector Jalaluddin Kazi, his gloomy mood had taken a turn for the better. The collector lent him a mirror that had some weird properties, such as it missed those people’s reflection who make faces in it. Ron, however, became disappointed when he could not prove anything to his friends, who thought a street thug fleeced him. But soon after returning home, a chain of weird incidents began to happen that not only proved Kazi’s claim about the mirror but kept the author and his friends busy for the following two years.


  • 66437 words
  • About 266 pages
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