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The Good for Nothings


They’re only good at being bad.

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ON SALE: JUNE 9, 2020

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Cora Saros is trying her best to join the family business of theft and intergalactic smuggling. Unfortunately, she's a total disaster. After landing herself in prison following a heist gone wrong, she strikes a bargain with the warden: He'll expunge her record if she brings back a long-lost treasure rumored to grant immortality.

Cora is skeptical, but with no other way out, she assembles a crew from her cellmates—a disgraced warrior from an alien planet; a pirate who claims to have the largest ship in the galaxy; and a glitch-prone robot with a penchant for baking—and takes off after the fabled prize.

But they soon discover that not only is the too-good-to-be-true treasure real, but they're also not the only ones on the hunt for it. And it's definitely a prize worth killing for.


“Don’t move!” The guards were blocking us from all sides. There was only one way out. And as far as I could see, that way was to plow directly through them.

I held up my hands to placate Roo as he pointed his blaster at my forehead. “Sorry, okay? We’re sorry. We’re leaving.”

“In chains,” a female guard piped up.

“Well, before we do that, I have to ask… do any of you happen to have plans for the rest of the day? Meetings to go to? Net programs to watch?”

“No,” grunted Roo. “Why?”

“Oh. Splendid.” I dropped my arms and shook out my sleeves, letting a stun grenade fall into each hand. “Because you’re about to be unconscious for the next ten to twelve hours.”

Then I pulled the grenades’ pins with my teeth and lobbed the weapons through the air.



The Supervillain and Me:

"Get ready for a wild ride in this zany, high-action thriller about good versus evil in the comic-book-universe city of Morriston. ... Realistic high-school scenarios and well-drawn characters add to the thought-provoking layers embedded in the action that address such tough issues as the prospect of high-tech mind control to solve crime and the devastation violence wreaks on families. Best of all, with a nod to gender equity, Abby does just fine helping to right her world in the climactic final scene, even without superpowers." —Booklist

"Underneath all of the action and intrigue of this adventure lies an interesting premise: living amongst superheroes from the point of view of the ordinary and powerless. Banas adeptly keeps readers guessing about Iron Phantom’s identity and provides plenty of romantic tension, which will satisfy even die-hard fans of the genre." —School Library Journal

"Hilarious ... A zany, action-packed adventure ... Especially appealing is Abby discovering that her capabilities are different but equally as significant as the boys’, with neither spandex nor superpowers necessary." —VOYA