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The Girl Who Stole The Queen's Eyes


Extine is the Queen of Escana, a kingdom which she hides from the world with the power in her eyes. But when her runaway sister secretly gives birth against the law, the throne – and the power – is no longer hers. With the kingdom at risk of being revealed to the world, Extine summons a Sorceress and demands her eyes back. The Sorceress uses dark magic to restore her power, but for it to become permanent, she must find her estranged niece and reclaim her stolen eyes.

Camilla's an ordinary girl in an ordinary town. Her eyes have always been pretty, but shortly after her 18th birthday, something about them changes. She can persuade people without trying to, and make them see things that aren’t there. So when two boys disappear on the lake, only to turn up dead two days later, the last thing she suspects is that it's all connected to her.


  • 69519 words
  • About 278 pages
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