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The Ghost of Misty Woods


Grace is terrified of her grandma, but when Barbara dies unexpectedly, Grace learns the shocking truth about the woman.

When members of the school drama club play a cruel prank on Grace the day after Barbara’s death, Grace puts a curse on them. Unbeknownst to her, she has called upon the spirit of a dead girl to carry out the curse.

When two of the bullies die of a suicide and an accident, the rest of them gang up on Grace. They apologize afterward, and this time Grace tries to just let it go.

It is fear that finally drives the bullies into trying to kill Grace. And it is this incident that frees Grace’s inner darkness, which, in turn, brings out the creeping, crawling ghosts of this place called Misty Woods.


  • 78581 words
  • About 314 pages
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