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The Freaks


After a disaster strikes the earth, teenagers are all that survive, but they develop strange and dangerous abilities that brand them as monsters. They're nicknamed the Freaks.

Luca's a Freak like no other. When he turns eighteen, he's sentenced to death by a government sent from space, known as the Soldiers, to wipe the earth of the teens and start new, but the Freaks don’t allow that.

Luca's saved from execution by Freaks who bring him to safety, and there he finds not only food and shelter, but more Freaks surviving, when he thought they had all died.

He's immediately given a mission by the mysterious leader of the Freaks, and he's faced with two options: should he sit back and watch as his own are captured and killed by the enemy he’s dealt with before, or should he risk everything—even his own life—to save them all?



  • 72033 words
  • About 288 pages
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  • Laughs

    6 (3 ratings)

  • Thrills

    7 (5 ratings)

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