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The Fountain of Clarity Dreamworld Book 1


Samillina, a figment from the dreamworld, is inspired to leave home the first time because of a mysterious notebook she finds that mentions the most beautiful dream in the world. Once she leaves she immediately attracts the attention of Unconscious Being, a dream and figment eating entity that wants to devour her.

She escapes and ends up in the dream of the dreamer who dreamt the notebook. Unconscious Being comes and consumes the dreamer's dream, including the dreamer herself, and this only inspires Samillina more to find the most beautiful dream in the world.

She meets Ruck, who has as secret past connected to Unconscious Being that he won't tell her.

Despite a rocky beginning, Samillina and Ruck become close friends and develop an unbreakable bond, despite events that threaten to separate them forever.


  • 77143 words
  • About 309 pages
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