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The Five Guys a Girl Dates


The word “dating” evokes both cringe worthy and swoon worthy reactions. Follow Isabella through a dating world filled with elation and insecurity. As Isabella grows from high school student to young adult, she navigates her way through a hazardous dating world while learning what it means to stay true to herself. She dates the high school bad boy that makes her heart simultaneously soar and plummet. She finds security in a rebound that makes the butterflies in her stomach take flight. She finds strength, acceptance and love from her best friend. She falls madly and deeply for someone who is almost the one, until he isn’t. She finds love within herself that sets her free. Last, she finds love in the arms of the man who fulfills her every dream. Will they be able to find their happily ever after? Or will Isabella loose it all?


  • 65343 words
  • About 261 pages
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